Summer of 2017

So summer is here since long and I am working away in the speed of light. One sketch assignment was completed in June and I am currently in a second sketch assignment for Region Skåne. The work is coming along fine and will be sent for review second half of September after having had a very constructive half ways-crit last week. 

I have been exibiting the Transition Machine in Gåxsjö kulturdagar and my work [Fi: ] by horsepower - a landart piece - can be experienced in Espnäs, Jämtland in Sweden all summer. 

I am invited as one of ten Nordic artists to a series of workshop/exhibition called HUNGER and I will attend the first get together in late August. As soon as the website is up for the event I will post a link in my upcoming-calendar.

As for clay works, I am making small works, mostly thrown and altered cups for a wood firing event in a couple of weeks at Nääs, Gothenburg university. But circumstances will tell if I can join or not. Either way, the dream of possibilities for wood firing my sculptures are a constant quest.

And as usual, August always holds loads of deadlines for sketch assignments, commissions and stipends. I have counted thirty important ones of my choice that I shall send before I will get a couple of weeks off together with my family, by the sea.

And of course: the train car house project of LOKSTALLET fire & heART is very active! I will do some updating at the Indiegogo-page before my vacation and also some actual work on site to cut some high grass and more. The project is at a crucial state as we are now applying for funds to 'heal' the house, (refurbish and rebuild). The rumour has it that the old train car house recently started to tweet! =) Find posts by searching for @LOKSTALLET_FoH.  Stay tuned! 

Best wishes to all readers!!