Heartbeat bits


Commissioning body and project cost:
Sketch assignment for Krokom municipality 2014 to propose a contemporary art work for new culture house called Meeting Point Krokom. Just finished, more images will be on my web site when properly photographed.
Commissioned by Krokom municipality 2015, just finished (November 2015). 
Project cost equaled 30555 CAD ex VAT. (200 000 SEK ex VAT). Mounting and electricity was on top of that.

Materials and size: 
Interactive art made from back lit mosaic glass panels. All in all 26 panels in seven groups all varies in formats and performance. Theme of all images are togetherness and the more people that enter the building their hearts turn more and more warmly red (from white over yellow and orange light) and when the culture house is crowded the technique makes their heart beat with a slow pace of shifting light. So the art work also consist from interactive LED-light controlled by hidden computorized technique. One of the parts – for the children – also includes a 7-button colour enamel/glass mosaic panel where the kids can chose the preferred colour of the 'soap bubbles' of their specific art work. The glass bubbles are mouth blown (by me).

An art work of seven parts sitting in a newly built communal culture house in the village of Krokom, Sweden. 

Conceptual idea: 
The intention with this art work is to give a joint feel for the whole culture house from the seven carefully placed separate art parts spread out in the building. Each part are two to five panels - also made from mosaic chards. The art work is meant to give a warmth and a pulse to the house, a connected feeling. When all bits comes together we are all one. HEART BEAT BITS mirrors situations of togetherness and lights up when we meet.

Phone: +46 (0) 640 164 32 Jonas Bernhardsson, project leader for the municipality of Krokom.
Phone: +46 (0) 70 518 58 04 Ingemar Sjöstrand, architect for the new culture house.