On sketch assignments for public commissions and more - fall 2017

Dear readers,

I am currently finishing up and wrapping my completed model for my sketch assignment for a might-be public commission for Region Skåne. The summer was shorter than ever and this task led me back to the core of why I want to make public art. My suggestion is still the most precious secret as I cannot reveal anything before the competition is over. I have one competitor so the chance that my proposal will be chosen is 50 %. 

A work of this size - one million SEK - is not one of the very largest commissions you see, but still fairly large. For me it would render around half a year of salary. Having no bread job on the side, the outcome of the jury descision will be of major importance for my upcoming year as an artist. As I do not know what my rival has prepared I cannot know anything about how my suggestion will stand in the competition. 

Naturally, from my horizon; this is my best art proposal ever. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I will keep busy applying for new sketch assignments and work more studio based with my own art ideas for running and upcoming art exhibitions and projects. I am still - slowly - redirecting my work towards a more sustainable practice where the dream scenario of making art will interlock with my economical and timely resources.

Yesterday, I made a visit to Målerås glass in Southern Sweden. I hope to team up with them in some future projects. I came back home to my studio full of inspiration, new knowledge and hope for glass in public space! Do visit their page to learn who they are and see some of there excellent works, link below.

My best art wishes! /Åsa Maria


Summer of 2017

So summer is here since long and I am working away in the speed of light. One sketch assignment was completed in June and I am currently in a second sketch assignment for Region Skåne. The work is coming along fine and will be sent for review second half of September after having had a very constructive half ways-crit last week. 

I have been exibiting the Transition Machine in Gåxsjö kulturdagar and my work [Fi: ] by horsepower - a landart piece - can be experienced in Espnäs, Jämtland in Sweden all summer. 

I am invited as one of ten Nordic artists to a series of workshop/exhibition called HUNGER and I will attend the first get together in late August. As soon as the website is up for the event I will post a link in my upcoming-calendar.

As for clay works, I am making small works, mostly thrown and altered cups for a wood firing event in a couple of weeks at Nääs, Gothenburg university. But circumstances will tell if I can join or not. Either way, the dream of possibilities for wood firing my sculptures are a constant quest.

And as usual, August always holds loads of deadlines for sketch assignments, commissions and stipends. I have counted thirty important ones of my choice that I shall send before I will get a couple of weeks off together with my family, by the sea.

And of course: the train car house project of LOKSTALLET fire & heART is very active! I will do some updating at the Indiegogo-page before my vacation and also some actual work on site to cut some high grass and more. The project is at a crucial state as we are now applying for funds to 'heal' the house, (refurbish and rebuild). The rumour has it that the old train car house recently started to tweet! =) Find posts by searching for @LOKSTALLET_FoH.  Stay tuned! 

Best wishes to all readers!!


New homepage after fatal crash...

In the case of any curious visitor checking for blog posts, I will write a first one.

I will only inform readers that I had a major crash on all my domains and webpages and now after one week of troubles and moaning and working many long nights it seems I am up and running digitally again. Some of the layout needs some tweeks but for now this will have to do.

Happy as I am for that, any follower from earlier platforms or newcomers with certain interests may not find what You are looking for simply because I haven't had a chance to put everything back up again. But I am getting there bit by bit. 

Swedish readers will also notice that today all my content is in English. Before the crash I had much translated in double tongues. Now, trying to get all pages up as soon as possible I will only concentrate in English, hoping my Swedish readers will follow too. And You probably will. 

Best art wishes! /ÅMH