Somersault of Act and Mind - Triptych part III


Commissioning body and project cost:
Sketch assignment for Härryda municipality 2010 to propose a major art work for their new city centre.
Commissioned by Härryda municipality for Mölnlycke new centre. 
Project cost equaled 91666 CAD ex VAT. (600 000 SEK ex VAT).

Materials and size: 
Aluminium sculptures; two figures slightly larger than humans, plus a pendant; skateboard and a walking stick. The works were cast in sand and plaster molds than welded. The boys head has extra mass/weight to correct for the fact that his toes are disconnected with the ground, this was done to prevent tilting when used as a play or sitting sculpture.

Darkblue rubber asphalt strip allowing the public to become the third figure in the group. To join in.

Black and white street stones (prepared without child labour) marks the speed lines from the somersaults. A white frame makes the scene – the area where it happens; the every day magic. The art installation is lit by two profile gobo spotlights to cut the light at the very edge of the nine by three meter rectangular.

Mölnlycke, close to second largest city centre of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Conceptual idea: 
By making art work that enables bodily somersaults I hope to make mental turn-arounds possible as well. New ways of perception and ideas.. Perhaps we could still change, try something new, play for a while?

Lotta Wiberg, building permit architectural administrator of Mark municipality. Phone: +46 (0)70 75 77 285
Margreth Tallvid, cultural administrator of Härryda municipality. Phone: +46 (0) 31 724 64 32