Åsa Maria Hedberg

With my work I offer different ways to participate and engage, two examples;

By making a permanent public installation of a rubber asphalt strip alongside two life size
sculptures that make somersaults, my aim is to enable a place for bodily and mental turn-arounds.
Somersault of Act and Mind sits in the city centre of Mölnlycke always accessible for anyone in
the need of some help tilting forward into new thought.

In another work – Glowing Conversation, Sanctuary of LIVE – I offer a sacred ‘room’ where the
real time ongoing live conversation is the ignition and fuel for the porcelain origami structures
enclosing the room.

Scale is important to me.
I love to work in a size where my work actually includes people as they walk in to the pieces. To
work monumentally benefits me in my working process as it gives me a positive yet scary shiver
that I am making art that by its nature will stay for some time. That aspect makes me question my
work from various angles before the actual making.
Furthermore, I make use of how bodily inclusion into my work might affect my audience. I believe
in the strenght of parallell between the physical and mental participation. Memory by feel.

My background starting out trained as a ceramicist and a glass artist, I do have a passion for raw
clay and molten glass. Many of my works are done in those two materials, but I do work in various
others depending on what setting I am working for and in.

I have done a hand full of permanent public art works, both interior and exterior. I also exhibit in
galleries, museums and in outdoor environments.
For the time being I desire to work with my more volatile, non-permanent yet still public site
specific ideas. One of my passions in making art is to never stop morphing, to let my work evolve.

I call my work INVOLVATONS.