braided visions


Commissioning body and project cost:
Sketch assignment for the Swedish Art Agency 2008.
Commissioned by the Swedish Art Agency with opening 2010. Mounted and completed fall 2009.
My project costs were 110000 SEK ex VAT (equals 16805 CAD), but lot of mounting costs was payed outside that sum by the Swedish Art Agency.

Materials and size: 
9,3 meter high sculpture made from braided and twined high fired stoneware and hot formed translucent glass. Inner section; unseen welded steel construction. Strengh and wind calculated.

The State Health Institute, Östersund, Sweden.

Conceptual idea:
If one takes all the winding twining thoughts and marvellous visions of your mind and stick them together the intricacy could eventually form a whole tree! The intention is that also all the staff at The State Health Institute, that will round the tree many many times a day will also add their dreams and thoughts to the sculpture and thereby add meaning. The further up the stairs You walk the art piece changes; the thickness of the braids gets thinner and thinner as the rougher thoughts refines into finer and finer conceptual and blooming ideas. And then the hundreds of glittering glass leaves buds out.

Jörgen Nilsson, worked for the Swedish Art Agency at the time. Telephone: +46 (0) 660 59005
Press secratary for the Institute of Health, where the work is placed. Telephone: +46 (0) 10 205 21 00